The feature of the Minter network is the ability to create your own coin with a few mouse clicks. The BTC.Secure team decided to try this opportunity on themselves and was the first who released a coin under its brand.

You can learn more about Perpetual Coin Offering (PCO) in the material from Evgeny Gordeev - Minter Perpetual Coin Offering.

BTC.Secure validator

Our business is the same name validator in several networks based on the core of Tendermint, the first of which will forever remain Minter.


BTC.Secure validator in Minter on Interchain.Zone service

The BTC.Secure validator is built on the infrastructure in the EU based on dedicated servers with priority in speed, security and reliability and shows some of the best results on the quality of work in a variety of test networks, including the maximum load (10000 tx per block).

Own coin gives the brand a competitive advantage, and we want to set an example of how to use it in our business.

The Minter mainnet has already successfully launched, and we will share our plans and tell you what advantages your own coin gives for business.

Benefits of creating your own coin for business

The reasons why we decided to release our coin:

  1. Encourage loyal users. So we thank those who believed in us in the early stages of business development.
  2. Brand awareness and discussion among users.
  3. Loyalty program for new users with game mechanics instead of trivial discounts.
  4. Users get direct benefits recommending the BTC.Secure validator.
  5. Desire to be noted in history as the first PCO launched on the Minter network.

Coin specs

We calculated that a coin with a CRR (constant reserve ratio) = 70% would be suitable for our purposes, this would give a moderate increase in value with an increase in the issue and retain the benefit when delegating.

Main specs:
Coin name – BTC.Secure Coin
Coin symbol – BTCSECURE
Initial amount – 15 million BTCSECURE
Starting price of the coin – 0.01 BIP
Constant reserve ratio (CRR) – 70%

The distribution of the initial issue:
Pool members – 9 million (60%)
Team – 6 million (40%)

You can view BTCSECURE coin specifications in create coin transaction.

The coins was sent to recipients by several multisend transactions immediately after creation within the first minute after the start of the Minter mainnet (15/05/2019 at 15:05 UTC). View the first multisend transaction with BTCSECURE at link.

How the first decentralized PCO started on the Minter network

The coin was released in the second block of the Minter mainnet, then a smaller part remained to the validator team and was delegated, and the remainder of the initial issue was sent to the participants of the BTC.Secure pool.

Thus, coin holders became co-owners of our business – similarly to traditional stocks of companies.

Anyone who acquires a coin independently will also join the shareholders.

New coin buyers will receive favorable terms for our services and holders will receive additional income due to the increase in value.

Earnings on price growth

Everyone will be able to buy BTCSECURE coins and sell later, but this is already more expensive.

The reasons why the price of the coin will constantly grow from the first days:

  1. Reserve fund – we will regularly buy a coin at 10% of the validator's profit and send it to the reserve fund during the first year.
  2. Delegators who do not yet have special conditions for delegation will buy and delegate a coin in order to receive a reduced commission.

Immediately after the issue of the coin, the price became 0.0143 BIP, and with the emission increased to 150 million BTCSECURE, it will be 0.0399 BIP (x4 from the initial price).

Decrease of commission for delegation up to 50% with stake in BTCSECURE

BTC.Secure validator commission is 10%. Also, from the first day anyone could get the opportunity to delegate on special conditions.

To do this, you need to buy BTCSECURE coins and delegate to our validator. From this point on, regular payments of a part of the commission for delegation of any coins, including the BIP, will be charged back to the wallet.


Example of the BTC.Secure validator commission refund transaction from the Minter mainnet

Individual conditions depend on the size of the BTCSECURE coin stake and will be especially beneficial for holders of large stakes.

Commission decrease:
10% for stakes from 50,000 to 100,000
20% for stakes from 100,000 to 1 million
30% for stakes from 1 million to 10 million
40% for stakes from 10 million to 100 million
50% for stakes over 100 million

For example, to get a decrease in commission from 10% to 8%, you need to buy and delegate BTCSECURE less than 2000 BIP (at least at the beginning, until the price has risen).

Get even more benefits from delegation with the BTCSECURE coin!

Popularization of the Minter network among users of other networks

The BTC.Secure validator team sets itself the task of promoting the Minter network internationally, and the key role is played by the loyalty program built on the BTCSECURE coin.


Soon the loyalty program will be available to our delegates in the Cosmos, IRIS and Terra networks.

Thanks to this, more and more people will find out about Minter, be interested in products, become delegators, and some even create their own coins and introduce them into the business, further increasing the value of the network.

BTC.Secure team

If you want to run your PCO or loyalty program in Minter, you can consult with the BTC.Secure team about your questions.

Each member of the team, in addition to his numerous tasks to ensure stable and secure of the validator and services, made the following contribution in the launch of the PCO BTC.Secure:
Dmitry Kozhevnikov – development and description the conditions of the loyalty program.
Konstantin Meleshkin – automation of the creation and distribution of coins.
Aleksey Kukhnovets – development of accounting and return of commission.

Buy a BTCSECURE coin, get a commission decrease up to 50% on delegation and earn with us!

Enter to the history as a member of the first PCO in Minter!

Learn more about PCO and the BTC.Secure validator on the Telegram channel @BTCSecure.